OPTOLYTH® Starrspektive

Flexible giants of light

They are indispensable to ornithologists, popular with nature lovers and tested and tried by marksmen athletes. Our scopes are useful in many fields of application such as ornithologists taking census of bird populations by counting bird rings or in the field of sport, like for example for biathlons. A convenient selection of interchangeable eyepieces lets you choose the one best suited to your purpose.

Like our other lines of products, our spotting scopes are 100% Made in Germany and their performance and proficiency places them among the top notch products in this market. The TBS/TBG spotting scopes are waterproof, fog proof and feature a non-slip focusing wheel. A retractable sun shield facilitates observation during extreme backlight conditions. A robust, full rubber armouring protects the lenses and helps minimise reflex. The scopes are equipped with a connecting ring for tripods which allows you to rotate the scope 360 degrees. The scope can be locked in any position on the tripod by tightening the knurled screw.


Sitting comfortably in a relaxed position the observer can enjoy high quality images thanks to the angled eyepiece (TBS). Edge-to-edge sharpness can be achieved by using the smooth-running focusing device. The TBS 80 GA/HDF is also available with HDF* lens elements.


Model TBS 80 TBS 80 HDF*
Objective lens-Ø (mm 80 80
Range of focus (m) ∞ - 5 ∞ - 5
Monocular angled angled
Length in (mm) 400 400
Weight (g) 1410 1390
Product number SP - 17041 SP - 17051


This is an all-purpose fixed spotting scope that features a straight eyepiece. It is suitable for beginners since it is easy to operate, however, it is also a big help for professionals in any given situation. The TBG 80 GA/HDF is also available with HDF* lens elements.


Model TBG 80 TBG 80 HDF*
Objective lens-Ø (mm 80 80
Range of focus (m) ∞ - 5 ∞ - 5
Monocular straight straight
Length in (mm) 400 400
Weight (g) 1400 1385
Product number SP - 17061 SP - 17071


This extraordinary spotting scopes features an apo-chromatically corrected lens with a diameter of 100 millimetres. It comes with standard fluorite lenses which allow for maximum light transmission even when observing bright objects in nothing but moonlight. The quick focus ring expands the range of uses considerably and improves viewing convenience. You can focus your target within seconds, no matter if it is infinitely far away or close up at 6 metres distance. As OPTOLYTH®’s biggest and, more importantly, brightest spotting scope, it is predestined for observing sites in extremely poor lighting conditions.


Model TBS 100 APO/HDF* TBG 100 APO/HDF*
Objective lens-Ø (mm 100 100
Range of focus (m) ∞ - 6 ∞ - 6
Monocular angled straight
Length in (mm) 400 400
Weight (g) 2400 2350
Product number SP - 19021 SP - 19031

* HDF = High Definition Fluorite Glasses

CaF2 crystals for the highest image resolution
This expensive optical material is used for all models in the HDF series in order to achieve exceptional refractive properties with almost 100% color fastness, which is the non-plus-ultra for ornithological observation.

The advantages at a glance: