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Years of experience in designing and engineering spotting scopes pay off when developing a new concept for top quality products. The MINIs hold a world class market position and unequivocally represent themselves as such. If you need absolute certainty, binoculars soon reveal their limitations. The modern hunter is expected to do more than just make the shot. He is an expert game keeper and acts responsibly for an ecologically sound future. The MINI spotting scopes are practically indispensable for the duties of a modern hunter. The spotting scopes feature a short pull-out and a robust rubber armouring that is at the same time sound absorbing, oil and acid resistant. High magnification combined with powerful low light performance are only two of many characteristics that make these OPTOLYTH® spotting scopes superior. The low weight of the lenses and the compact design let you carry the spotting scope easily, especially when frequent changes of location are necessary. The Ceralin-plus-Multicoating enhance the transmission of our lenses. A „1/4“ and a „3/8“ tripod socket let you connect tripods of any kind.

MINI 25x70 XS

A world novelty among spotting scopes – a retractable eyepiece.
A simple twist lets the eyepiece disappear quickly and easily into the housing of the spotting scope, making it the smallest scope and offering superior protection. Despite the elaborate and precise mechanism needed for this process handling is very easy. Two interlocking curves ensure that the swivel can be used to extend the eyepiece as well as to focus the scope. The overall length of just under 20 cm lets you stow the scope in almost any jacket pocket.


Model 25x70 XS
Magnification 25x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 70
Field of view (m) / degree 50/2,9
Twilight factor 41,8
Length in (mm) 195 - 365
Weight (g) 1150
Product number SP - 16061


At a length of 25 cm this is the second shortest but lightest scope in the MINI series. Ideally suited for hunting in the mountains and tried and tested in extensive hunting territories. When it is necessary to maintain an overview of the situation the 25x70 is a decisive help with its 50-metre field of view.


Model 25x70 BGA/WW
Magnification 25x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 70
Field of view (m) / degree 50/2,9
Twilight factor 41,8
Length in (mm) 247 - 365
Weight (g) 1000
Product number SP - 16021

MINI 20x60 BGA

Shooter’s scope

This minimized spotting scope is incredible light and shows an ideal magnification to check shooting results for corrections. Sometimes shooting competitions are finally decided by less than one cycle. Our MINI 20x60 shows a brilliant sharp image with a wide depth of focus. So a fast exchange between shooting and watching is possible without getting tired or lapping on concentration.

If no optimized twilight conditions are required, this spotting scope is also ideal for nature observations. It is not extendable, so you only have to adjust your object of interest in focus.


Model 20x60 BGA
Magnification 20x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 60
Field of view (m) / degree 54/3,09
Twilight factor 34,64
Length in (mm) 325
Weight (g) 965
Product number SP - 16071


Despite the higher magnification the 30x80 has an even better low light performance than the 25x70. In the mountains or on the plains large distances are easy to survey. An embedded sun shield optimises visibility under backlight conditions and the 80 mm lens catches even the weakest rays of light in the twilight.


Model 30x80 BGA/WW-S
Magnification 30x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 80
Field of view (m) / degree 40/2,3
Twilight factor 49
Length in (mm) 280 - 385
Weight (g) 1340
Product number SP - 16031

MINI 15-45x80 GA

This is the MINI with the vario lens for all purposes. The variable zoom range yields outstanding imaging results in the twilight at 15x magnification; at 45x magnification it provides high-resolution images true to detail. The largest of the MINI spotting scopes provides magnification ranges beyond those of binoculars and is therefore the ideal supplement to upgrade your equipment. Flexibility is key here and the external mounting of the focusing wheel makes it easy to operate this scope even in the wintertime wearing thick gloves.


Model 15-45x80 GA
Magnification 15 - 45 x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 80
Field of view (m) / degree 43/2,3-26/1,5
Twilight factor 60
Length in (mm) 283 - 395
Weight (g) 1470
Product number SP - 16051

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