Spotting scopes

OPTOLYTH® - MINI spotting scope

Years of experience in designing and engineering spotting scopes pay off when developing a new concept for top quality products. The MINIs hold a world class market position and unequivocally represent themselves as such. further information


OPTOLYTH® - fixed scopes

They are indispensable to ornithologists, popular with nature lovers and tested and tried by marksmen athletes. Our scopes are useful in many fields of application such as ornithologists taking census of bird populations by counting bird rings or in the field of sport, like for example for biathlons. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Compact

Compact design for a wide-ranging viewing experience
OPTOLYTH®’s Compact series spotting scopes let you view nature from a distance or up close. Today’s smart observer has one motto: Stay mobile! Nothing would be more hindering than a bulky, heavy spotting scope if one has to follow the „object of one’s affection“ through difficult territory. further information