Quality in modern times

Compact design for a wide-ranging viewing experience
OPTOLYTH®’s Compact series spotting scopes let you view nature from a distance or up close. Today’s smart observer has one motto: Stay mobile! Nothing would be more hindering than a bulky, heavy spotting scope if one has to follow the „object of one’s affection“ through difficult territory. Once again our convenient selection of lenses offers you the right solution for every observation need.

The Compact is fully equipped for any kind of observation with a close-up range of 2.8 metres, its modern design with rubber armouring and a field of view of up to 54 metres. Excellent low light performance, superb edge-to-edge sharpness and imaging supremely true to detail also play an important role here. The particularly short design facilitate use of this spotting scope considerably.

Compact S 80 APO/HD

The angled eyepiece (S 80) relieves the neck, shoulders and head when observing and identifying animals while sitting down. A retractable sun shield is standard with all models and prevents glaring through unintentional exposure to light and allows for observation even in bright sunlight.


Model S 80 APO-HD
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 80
Range of focus (m) ∞ - 2,8
Monocular angled
Length in (mm) 325
Weight (g) 1670
Product number SP - 18031

Compact G 80 APO/HD

Sometimes even the experienced, demanding hunter prefers the Compact over a retractable spotting scope. The straight eyepiece (G 80) and a short design combined with a waterproof housing and a zoom eyepiece puts the Compact at the same level as its retractable counterpart. Variable magnification in the twilight ensures a perfect view. The Compact G 80 is also available as the Compact G 80 APO/HDedition with HDF* lens elements.


Model G 80 APO-HD
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 80
Range of focus (m) ∞ - 2,8
Monocular straight
Length in (mm) 325
Weight (g) 1670
Product number SP - 18051

* HDF = High Definition Fluorite Glasses

CaF2 crystals for the highest image resolution
This expensive optical material is used for all models in the HDF series in order to achieve exceptional refractive properties with almost 100% color fastness, which is the non-plus-ultra for ornithological observation.

The advantages at a glance: