OPTOLYTH® Sporting

The binoculars for everyone

Our folding binoculars are readily available wherever there is something to see, especially when weight is an issue. The SPORTING series covers a wide range of uses. When folded these binoculars accompany you anywhere and, when needed, they are ready to use at a moment’s notice. No matter where – at the race track, at a regatta or at the stadium – the SPORTING series brings all those details up close others can only imagine. Thus this small treasure is the ideal gift for all hikers and nature watchers.

All binoculars in the SPORTING series are dust as well as waterproof, nitrogen filled and convince with a moderate field of view, e.g. for use in water sports, while travelling or in open air theatres. Genuine eyepieces for eyeglass wearers, modern internal focusing and an attractive, non-slip rubber armouring complete the features. The binoculars of the SPORTING series convince by being low-weight and convenient to carry, so that they almost imperceptibly find space in even the smallest bags or pockets when folded.


These featherweight binoculars weigh only 220 grams, hardly more than a bar of chocolate. They are ideal for all those who have to consider weight when assembling their equipment like e.g. going on a high performance trek in the Himalayas for several weeks where every ounce feels twice as heavy very soon. The large field of view opens up the spacious surroundings to the climbers and they find inspiration for new tours.


Model 8x24 BGA
Magnification 8x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 24
Field of view (m) 110
Twilight factor 13,85
Weight (g) 220
Product number FG - 13021


The 10x magnification makes these binoculars ideal companions for nature lovers who want to be prepared for all eventualities. At sporting events such as golf tournaments or football matches the SPORTING binoculars let you experience the events as if you were part of them. With their very compact measurements of 114x100x33 mm they can be stowed even in the smallest bags.


Model 10x28 BGA
Magnification 10x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 28
Field of view (m) 88
Twilight factor 16,73
Weight (g) 245
Product number FG - 13031


A high magnification at close range of 3.2 metres lets you watch the teeming ant hill from a distance without missing even the smallest detail. The SPORTING 12x30 is at the forefront when it comes to combining the highest possible resolution with the lowest possible weight while delighting the user with exceptional true to detail imaging.


Model 12x30 BGA
Magnification 12x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 30
Field of view (m) 75
Twilight factor 18,97
Weight (g) 270
Product number FG - 13041

The advantages at a glance: