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Today’s standards for hunting and game keeping are much higher than in the past, therefore raising its values beyond that of the past. The hunter is both sportsman and ecologist and ensures that the balance in his hunting territory is kept. The ROYAL series meets these requirements.

For the hands-on, challenging use over the course of many years all binoculars are rubber armoured. The two focusing wheels make the binoculars easy to operate even during longer periods of observation. These still hunting glasses provide edge-to-edge sharpness even in the twilight. Naturally the Abbe-König prism system is phase corrected and, like all other lenses used for these binoculars, features the Ceralin-plus-Multicoating. It goes without saying that the binoculars are water resistant and filled with argon gas.

8x56 BGA

Probably the most widely used binoculars while still hunting for wild boars and red deer. A very large exit pupil and an easily manageable magnification make hours of observation easier. The low light performance of the ROYAL 8x56 is only slightly inferior to that of the ROYAL 9x63. However, the ROYAL 8x56 is slightly smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle.


Model 8x56 BGA
Magnification 8x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 56
Field of view (m) / degree 110/6,3
Twilight factor 21,2
Weight (g) 1070
Product number FG-14031

9x63 BGA

The 9x63 BGA is particularly suited to still hunting at night. A combination of 9x magnification and 63mm field lenses produces clear images even in poor lighting conditions. A high resolution, even around the edges supports the hunter in his decision process. These binoculars enable you to hunt longer in twilight conditions.


Model 9x63 BGA
Magnification 9x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 63
Field of view (m) / degree 100/5,7
Twilight factor 23,8
Weight (g) 1160
Product number FG-14051

10x56 BGA

The ideal companion for an extensive hunting territory. When great distances need to be covered, the high magnification proves its advantages. The greatest possible clarity and brightness as well as the even image make it easier to observe and identify game animals.


Model 10x56 BGA
Magnification 10x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 56
Field of view (m) / degree 105/6,0
Twilight factor 23,7
Weight (g) 1100
Product number FG-14081

15x63 BGA

Easily manageable Amici binoculars with 5-lens object lenses with fluoride achromatic lens system. Bird and animal watchers experience brilliant colour balance, impressive imaging capabilities and all-out quality even at long distances. An integrated tripod connection facilitates observation at long distances.


Model 15x63 BGA
Magnification 15x
Objective lens-Ø (mm) 63
Field of view (m) / degree 72/4,1
Twilight factor 30,7
Weight (g 1340
Product number FG-14091

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