Solid wood-Tripod

A tripod is an essential requirement for taking pictures with a high contrast. A stable position is especially needed for high magnifications (over 15times). Because the image of a high magnified lens is quite sensitive to movements. The tripod is made of solid wood and damps vibrations based on the material characteristics. All together our stands are an optimal addition for our binoculars and spotting scoops. Even more also commercially available camera and video camera are mountable. The stand has a weight of 3,500 gram with a portable length of only 93 cm. The height is variable from 52 cm up to 187cm while the carrying capacity is 10kg. Every tripod is equipped with a 2D panorama head with quick connector.

Model Product number
Tripod 3042 with 2D-head ZUB - 24046
quick connector ZUB - 24047