OPTOLYTH® - Eyepieces

For any purpose, any eye, any magnification. The various interchangeable eyepieces let you adapt your fixed scope to the job at hand. The eyepieces on your fixed spotting scopes can be switched quickly and easily. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Digital Adapters

Combine modern digital technology with the tried and reliable lenses from OPTOLYTH®. Expand OPTOLYTH® fixed or retractable spotting scopes and turn them into high performance telephoto lenses with the digital adapters. Digiscoping with OPTOLYTH® – experience nature up close and capture this moment perfectly in a photo. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Camera attachment

With our camera attachment we offer an additional optical component. This attachment turns your fixed spotting scope into a high quality telephoto lens with focal lengths of 850 mm (at a lens Ø of 80 mm) or 1.200 mm (at a lens Ø of 100 mm). Instead of the eyepiece the camera attachment is mounted onto the fixed spotting scope and any digital or standard reflex camera can be installed on the camera attachment using one of our T2 adapters. further information


OPTOLYTH® Carrying cases and ready bags

These padded bags offer the necessary protection for your binoculars and scopes in wind and bad weather conditions. The heavy duty, tear-resistant Cordura fabric is water-repellent and impervious to dust and ideally complements the line of high quality products offered by OPTOLYTH®. further information