Digital adapters

Digiscoping for the future

Top quality images when photographing with the scope
Combine modern digital technology with the tried and reliable lenses from OPTOLYTH®. Expand OPTOLYTH® fixed or retractable spotting scopes and turn them into high performance telephoto lenses with the digital adapters.

Digiscoping with OPTOLYTH® – experience nature up close and capture this moment perfectly in a photo. While developed for digital compact cameras it is possible to take pictures with perfect contrast when using our digital adapter Digi-S with fixed spotting scopes and the Digi-Awith retractable spotting scopes.

Digital adapter Digi-S

This compact, lightweight digital adapter made from aluminium for the use with fixed scopes can be used with almost any digital compact camera by simply screwing it onto the scope. Exchanging eyepieces is still possible. Observation or photography – no problem – you decide since both is possible without readjusting the camera thanks to the self-locking swivel adapter. Should you want to use an older fixed scope model from OPTOLYTH® we will gladly add an extension to your scope so you can easily fit the Digi-S adapter.

Digital adapter Digi-S for fixed spotting scopes
Product number: ZUB-24078



  • Low weight of only 450 g
  • Simple and functional construction
  • Sleek design
  • Simple mounting by screwing it to the scope
  • Exchange of eyepieces remains possible
  • Can be used with virtually any digital compact camera
  • its all OPTOLYTH® eyepieces
  • Sturdy metal engineering

Digital adapter Digi-A

The universal Digi-A adapter can be used with any newer model retractable spotting scope. With its classy design it is an eye catcher for the alternative hunter in his local hunting territory. The unit of spotting scope and digital adapter can be easily mounted to a tripod since it is equipped with an additional connector. It is adaptable universally to accommodate a multitude of digital cameras and is a suitable accessory for documenting red deer and wild boars. The self-locking swivel ring has been tested and tried and is available for this model as well.
Digital adapter Digi-A for retractable spotting scopes
Product number: ZUB-24079



  • Low weight of only 700 g
  • Long pull-out yet functional construction
  • Sleek design
  • Easy mounting between tripod and scope
  • Can be used with virtually any digital compact camera
  • Sturdy metal engineering