Safekeeping on the road

OPTOLYTH® Carrying cases and ready bags
These padded bags offer the necessary protection for your binoculars and scopes in wind and bad weather conditions. The heavy duty, tear-resistant Cordura fabric is water-repellent and impervious to dust and ideally complements the line of high quality products offered by OPTOLYTH®.

OPTOLYTH® Cordura bags

This sleek carrying case made from Cordura fabric offers the perfect protection for your OPTOLYTH® equipment. These carrying cases for spotting scopes feature additional lens holders and a storage compartment. These products also follow the motto „Made in Germany“. Niggeloh GmbH, a well-known company located in Radevormwald, manufactures these water-repellent, heavy duty bags on our account.


Model Product number
Cordura-bag ViaNova 42 ZUB - 24083
Cordura-bag ViaNova 50/56 ZUB - 24082
Cordura-bag ROYAL 56/63 ZUB - 24019
Cordura-bag TBS/G 80/100 ZUB - 24020

OPTOLYTH® Ready bags

Bags designed particularly for the OPTPLYTH® spotting scopes allow for the best protection while also supporting user-friendly observation. By removing different caps you can use your scope while inside the bag. Mounting the scope onto a tripod remains possible as does focusing and magnifying. It must be emphasized that the bag provides extra protection for retractable spotting scopes. The end of the bag holding the lens was reinforced for this line of bags. Our ready bags are also manufactured by Niggeloh GmbH.


Model Product number
Ready bag 25x70 ZUB - 24021
Ready bag 25x70 XS ZUB - 24027
Ready bag 15-45x80 / 30x80 ZUB - 24022
Ready bag TBS/G 80 ZUB - 24023
Ready bag TBS/G 100 ZUB - 24026

Leather bag

This leather bag offers you perfect protection for your binocular. You can fix your bag on the carrying strap of your binocular. Even on cold days an easy and fast access to your binocular is guaranteed by the zip. In addition the base of the leather bag is strengthen to optimize a safe and secure keeping.


Model Product number
Leather bag SPORTING 8x24 ZUB - 24014
Leather bag SPORTING 10x28 ZUB - 24015
Leather bag SPORTING 12x30 ZUB - 24016
Leather bag ALPIN 30/40/42 ZUB - 24084
Leather bag ALPIN 50 ZUB - 24085