OPTOLYTH® Adapters

With our camera attachment we offer an additional optical component. This attachment turns your fixed spotting scope into a high quality telephoto lens with focal lengths of 850 mm (at a lens Ø of 80 mm) or 1.200 mm (at a lens Ø of 100 mm). Instead of the eyepiece the camera attachment is mounted onto the fixed spotting scope and any digital or standard reflex camera can be installed on the camera attachment using one of our T2 adapters. This opens up entirely new possibilities with regard to photographing reclusive animals or documenting the smallest details at a great distance.


Magnification with
Compact S/G 80

f= 850 mm
f= 850 mm
f= 1200 mm
Shield/Focal length (mm)
80 mm scope
100 mm scope

10,7 / 850
12,0 / 1200
Lens count 4
Weight (g)
Product number ZUB - 24049


The universe within reach! You can expand your OPTOLYTH® spotting scope using the Astro adapter with conventional Astro lenses for optimum star gazing. You can also combine our zoom and wide angle lenses using our adapter with astronomical refracting telescopes.


Modell Artikel-Nummer
Astro-Adapter Fremdokulare ZUB - 24068
Astro-Adapter OPTOLYTH® Vario ZUB - 24069
Astro-Adapter OPTOLYTH® WW ZUB - 24070