OPTOLYTH® - MINI Spotting scope 20x60 BGA

Shooter’s scope- This minimized spotting scope is incredible light and shows an ideal magnification to check shooting results for corrections. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Monocular 10x28 BGA

Sometimes carrying a binocular is not practicable. Our monocular is small enough to fit in every pocket. So it can join you on each trip, especially where every pound counts. further information


OPTOLYTH® -Eyepiece 30x WW / S

Manages every task
Our popular eye piece 30x WW is also available with a MIL-reticule. The scale is optimized for our 80mm spotting scopes. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Digital adapter Digi-A

The universal Digi-A adapter can be used with any newer model retractable spotting scope. further information


OPTOLYTH® - Digital dapter Digi-S

This compact, lightweight digital adapter made from aluminium for the use with fixed scopes can be used with almost any digital compact camera by simply screwing it onto the scope. further information


OPTOLYTH® - ViaNova 7x42 BGA

With its compact and sturdy yet light design, its perfect optical performance and superior reliability the ViaNova 7x42 fulfils all requirements for a pair of OPTOLYTH® binoculars. further information



A world novelty among spotting scopes –
a retractable eyepiece.

A simple twist lets the eyepiece disappear quickly and easily into the housing of the spotting scope, making it the smallest scope and offering superior protection. further information