Fusion of Sill Optics and Optolyth

OPTOLYTH® binoculars and spotting scopes,
100% Made in Germany

Since 1856 the name OPTOLYTH® has guaranteed high optical standard in excellent quality. Our binoculars and spotting scopes are tailored to particular needs of ornithologists, hunters and nature lovers. Even in production we attach high importance to environmental protection. Only lead and arsenic free glasses and materials are used in our manufacture.

After a few years of successful cooperation we combined the companies Silloptics and Optolyth.
Now we are even more powerful and abled to supply you with a broad product range in the optical field.

Sill Optics is one of only a few midsized companies in Germany specialized in the production of „High-Tech“ optical components. Its philosophy “100% Made in Germany” is maintained throughout its own production and supplier chain. A huge experience in production and flexibility to serve our customer demands has been grown since the beginning in 1894. Within the last 10 years more than 10 million € have been invested in latest production technology and test equipment.

Our Contact for OPTOLYTH® Products:
Sabine Müller
Phone: +49(0)9129/9023-20